Tank Inspections

Compliance centred integrity management

Storage Tank Inspection EEMUA 159 / API 653

Storage Tank Integrity Inspection is on of the specialist NDT services provided by Alliance Inspection. We provide a very comprehensive range of techniques & services for the inspection of above ground or below ground storage tanks. We have numerous technicians qualified to EEMUA 159 / API 653and have a wealth of experience gained from many sites across the UK.

  • In-Service Inspections.
  • Out of service inspections
  • Above Ground and Buried Tanks
  • GRP Tanks
  • Black Poly-Propylene Tanks

Alliance provides a comprehensive report supplying the owner/operator with recommendations and options for continued safe use of the tank.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Basic NDT – Ultrasonic Thickness Survey, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Vacuum Box Inspection and Dye Penetrant Inspection
  • Floor Inspection – Scan and map the entire tank floor using our Magnetic Flux Leakage Floormap 3Di with STARS top and bottom defect discrimination. This can be utilised on lined and unlined tank floors.
  • Shell Inspection – Dry Coupled Scorpion Crawler continuously records thickness measurements and is presented in the software as an A-Scan trace, a digital thickness measurement, and a B-Scan profile. This removes the requirement for scaffolding the sides of the Tank, thus reducing costs.
  • Settlement assessment to detect foundation movement.
  • A thorough inspection of fittings and roof support columns including 100% visual and any required Ultrasonic Thickness Testing and Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Technicians and Inspectors available throughout the UK

Tank Inspections are carried out on sites throughout in the UK, our Technicians are all qualified in PCN and EEMUA 159 / API 653 and produce full (Fit for Purpose)reports. Tank Inspection is normally carried out in conjunction with other NDT methods to produce a comprehensive Inspection Service.

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