Tank Inspection GRP & Thermoplastic

Storage Tank Integrity Inspection

Tank Inspection GRP & Thermoplastic

GRP & Thermoplastic tanks used in industrial heavy engineering applications have typically been regarded as “fit and forget” items, with lifetimes based purely on manufacturer’s recommendations. This often does not take into account the specific conditions of tank usage, leading both to tank failure in service, and the unnecessary scrapping of serviceable tanks.

Storage Tank Integrity Inspection is one of the specialist NDT services provided by Alliance Inspection. We provide a very comprehensive range of techniques & services for the inspection of above ground or below ground storage tanks. We have numerous technicians qualified to EEMUA 159 / API 653and have a wealth of experience gained from many sites across the UK.

GRP Tanks

GRP / FRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic / Fibre Reinforced Plastic)
DUAL LAMINATE (Various Designs of GRP Outer and Thermoplastic Inner / Lined Tanks)

Thermoplastic Tanks

PP (Polypropylene)
HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
MDPE / LDPE (Medium and Low Density Polyethylene)
PVC-U (Polyvinyl chloride)
PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride)
ECTFE (Ethylene and Chlorotrifluoroethylene)

Guidance Documents

Inspections carried out in line with the following guidance documents/codes
HSE – PM86
HSE – PM75
SAFed IMG02b
SAFed IMG02c

NDT for GRP / Thermoplastic Tanks

Spark Testing (AC Spark Testing and DC Holiday Testing)
Barcol Hardness Testing
Visual Inspection

Technicians and Inspectors available throughout the UK

Tank Inspections are carried out on sites throughout in the UK, our Technicians are all qualified in PCN and EEMUA 159 / API 653 and produce full (Fit for Purpose) reports. Tank Inspection is normally carried out in conjunction with other NDT methods to produce a comprehensive Inspection Service.

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