Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current Inspection


Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current

Alliance Inspection can provide Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current (SLOFEC™) using their fully trained EEMUA 159 Inspectors as an alternative to Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL).

Advantages of the SLOFEC®-Method

  • Sensitive and save defect detection
  • Separation between signals from topside and underside defects
  • Separation between signals from defects and noise
  • Small untested zones close to the tank wall and to plate welds
  • Testing under installations and heating pipes down to 130 mm space
  • Testing of plates up to 25 mm thickness
  • High testing speed
  • No coupling fluid is necessary
  • Testing through non-conductive coatings up to 10 mm thickness
  • Comprehensive result documentation in 2D-colour scan inclusive single plate report, feature list and repair plate input

Result Documentation

The result documentation consists of a coloured tank floor map, single plate reports and if required feature list , repair plate map and repair plate list. In the tank floor map and single plate reports wall thickness reductions will be shown in a 2D-scan image, where the defect depth corresponds to a defined colour.

Technicians and Inspectors available throughout the UK

Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Current Inspection carried out on sites throughout in the UK, our Technicians are all qualified in PCN and EEMUA 159 and produce full and comprehensive reports. Inspections are normally carried out in conjunction with other NDT methods to produce a comprehensive Inspection Service.

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