Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

A rapid way of screening for corrosion in pipelines

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT)

Alliance are carrying out Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) also known as Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing (GWUT) all over the UK. It is an Ultrasonic method wherein ultrasonic waves are transmitted along the pipe wall (guiding walls) up to 180meters in length. 

Why Use Long Range Ultrasonic testing (LRUT)

Pipes are renowned for corroding in inaccessible areas. Whether underground or above ground, these areas may often go unnoticed. Our API 570 certified inspectors carry out pipeline integrity inspections using multiple techniques including visual checks and Long Range Ultrasonic Thickness surveys (LRUT) and provide a complete report of the piping system, highlighting any issues that require attention.

Typical scanning (interpretable) range from the single test location is the maximum ± 90 meters in each direction (180meters bidirectionally) for above ground or encased pipelines. The interpretation distance from the single location can be reduced by the following parameters.

  • Pipeline layout such as several bends, attachments, supports, branches & joints
  • Highly viscous liquid deposits on the internal or external pipewall.
  • Entire pipeline is severely corroded (Rapid attenuation of ultrasound and excessive noise reduces interpretable lengths of pipeline)
  • The type of coating e.g. Bitumin is a viscous liquid which dampens ultrasound.
  • Excessive thickness, diameter and the material of the pipeline

Technicians available throughout the UK

Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) can be carried out on site throughout in the UK, our Technicians are all dual qualified in PCN / ASNT and produce computerised reports on site at the time of a testing.

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