Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Short wavelength and high frequency

Ultrasonic Testing (UT)

Ultrasonic Testing is an NDT Service provided by Alliance across the UK. Ultrasonic Testing uses sound waves of short wavelength and high frequency to detect flaws or measure material thickness. Such mechanical waves can travel large distances in fine grain metal, in the form of a divergent wave with progressive attenuation.

Ultrasonic testing, include castings, forgings, welds, tubes, pipes, wrought products, and composite materials.

  • On Site Technicians available
  • Availability 24/7
  • Instant results
  • Computerised reports

Thickness checking – Sound waves travel at different velocities within different materials. Knowing the material velocity and the time it takes the sound wave to travel from the transducer through the test material and back to the transducer. We can calculate the thickness of the test material.

Weld inspection – Using the angled transducers, we send sound waves into the parent material as well as the weld volume. We will receive geometric responses from the cap and root regions of the weld. We are looking for any deviation from these signals.

Technicians available throughout the UK

UT testing can be carried out on site throughout in the UK, our Technicians are all dual qualified in PCN / ASNT and produce computerised reports on site at the time of a test.

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