Written Schemes of Examination

Competent API 510 qualified inspectors

Written Schemes of Examination (WSE)

Written Schemes of Examination (WSE) is a legal document required under the UK regulations. The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 require all owners and users of pressure systems, operating above 0.5 bar (7 psi), containing pressurised hot water above 110°C or containing steam, to put in place a risk assessment and a WSE.

Alliance can provide a competent API 510 qualified inspector with sufficient knowledge and experience to provide you with WSE’s.

A Written Schemes of Examination must be provided prior to placing the pressure system into service and at the commencement of any subsequent examination. Our competent person will advise you of the nature and frequency of examinations and any special safety measurements necessary to prepare the system for inspection.

Competent Inspectors available throughout the UK

Written Schemes of Examination (WSE`s) can be completed on site throughout the UK. Our Inspectors are all API 510 qualified and produce WSE`s on-site before the time of a test.

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